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The owner of this place went above and beyond...he was exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable, fair and honest....

I will buy my next vacuum from him.

–Yelp Review




The House of Vacuums offers old-fashioned service for your vacuum cleaner that you can't get at a big name store. Greg has the fastest "turn-around time" in repairs in Springfield and the surrounding area.


We carry a lot of parts, and are experts at helping you find what you need. We like to teach our customers how to use and maintain their vacuums, including changing filters, bags, and belts.

We repair many vacuum models here in our store. Some repairs can be done the same day (especially if you are from out of town or call ahead). The average wait time is 2–3 days, unless parts need to be ordered. We have more parts in stock that any store in town. (Exceptions are Bissell or Dirt Devil Shampooers; Shark, Europro, and Roomba vacuums; any Central Vacs.)

How often should my vacuum be serviced?

We recommend a "tune-up" or service to your vacuum cleaner every year (or two at the most). Over time, the bearing housings and bearings will build up with dirt, dust and lint, causing excessive wear on your vacuum motor and belt. Accumulated dust and dirt in the motor bearings can cause the motor to overheat, which can shorten the life of the motor, and require a replacement of the entire vacuum. Also, the bristles on the brushroll (or agitator) will wear down, cutting cleaning efficiency significantly.

A day or two in our shop will have your vacuum working like new!

Tired of vacuuming with a heavy vacuum?  Come in and "test drive" a light-weight, but heavy-cleaning Riccar or Simplicity vacuum. Weighing only 8 pounds, it makes vacuuming a breeze. Now available in  cordless, with a lithium battery that lasts for hours of cleaning without needing charged!



Stormy Skies Over a Lake

We care about the environment. Americans are filling our landfills with "disposable" vacuums and other items. We offer people a quality product while big corporations offer throw-away products. And we service what we sell, so our products last longer and aren't quick to end up in landfills.

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